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Planting Report forms for Indoor and Outdoor grows are available and must be submitted 14 days after planting along with your COA documents (see “Obtaining seed, seedlings and clones” section below).

Take a break from the heat and watch new hemp growing webinars from the University of Vermont.

Some good news from the National Credit Union Administration, “The guidance makes it clear that credit unions may offer the customary range of financial services for business accounts, including lending, to legal hemp-related businesses. These common-sense answers will help to increase access to capital for legal hemp growers and entrepreneurs." Additional Guidance Regarding Servicing Hemp-Related Businesses

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What is the process for becoming licensed to grow hemp in Maine?

  1. Apply for a license at least 30 days before you plant hemp.
  2. Hemp program reviews and approves application.
  3. Sign license agreement and pay license fees.
  4. Within 14 days after planting hemp, submit a planting report.  This report confirms exactly where you planted within the area(s) licensed and documents that the hemp varieties planted came from stock that contained no more than 0.3% delta-9-THC by dry weight.
  5. Hemp program inspects grow sites.
  6. Keep hemp program informed about your hemp operation, including contact information changes, crop failures, and anticipated harvest dates.
  7. Notify the hemp program at 25 days before harvest if your crop has not been sampled yet.
  8. An inspector samples your crop and a Certificate of Analysis for THC content is generated by the lab.
  9. Complete a post-harvest report.

Apply for a license

  • The 2020 applications for indoor and outdoor hemp licenses are now available.
  • There is no longer an application deadline. We ask that you apply 30 days before you intend to plant your crop so that you have a signed license agreement in hand before you plant.
  • Those wishing to sell hemp seedlings/clones (plants under 12 inches tall and not flowering) need to apply for a License to Sell Nursery Stock.

Explanation of fees

Maine law requires that the Department cover the costs of operating the hemp program by charging an application fee, license fee and a per acre fee. These fees are as follows:

  • $100 application fee – this fee must be submitted with the application.
  • $500 license fee – this fee is due after approval of the application and must be submitted with the signed licensing agreement. (A separate $500.00 fee is due for both indoor and outdoor licensing agreements)
  • Outdoor growing license
    • $50/acre fee – this fee is due after approval of the application and must be submitted with the signed licensing agreement.
  • Indoor growing license
    • $0.25/square foot - this fee is due after approval of the application and must be submitted with the signed licensing agreement. (multiple growing tiers are additive)

Fees collected will cover Departmental costs including, but not limited to:

  • Inspector travel costs including time to and from the growing area to take crop samples for THC content analysis;
  • Costs of transporting crop samples to a lab for THC content analysis;
  • Laboratory fees for testing crop samples;
  • Costs of equipment and supplies used in sampling;
  • Departmental time reviewing applications, preparing licensing agreements and issuing licenses;
  • Other administrative costs.

Please note that the fees charged will now cover THC testing for each separate variety at a grow site.

Obtaining seed, seedlings and clones

Maine does not certify hemp seed nor does Maine publish a list of approved or prohibited hemp strains/varieties/cultivars. Maine does license plant nurseries and some are licensed hemp growers who have seedlings and clones for sale to the public. Maine law permits an individual to grow up to three hemp plants for personal (non-commercial) use.

For hemp to be hemp, its delta-9-THC concentration must not exceed 0.3% on a dry weight basis. While genetics have a role in determining THC expression, many environmental factors can influence it, including plant maturity, temperature, water, soil fertility, and any number of stressors.

Despite hemp’s antiquity as a cultivated plant, hemp as a modern crop has some catching up to do. There are many types of hemp advertised as varieties, cultivars, strains and crosses. They may not have been bred and stabilized as other crop plants have been. They may exhibit unstable traits. Few have been certified by AOSCA and those that have are typically varieties grown for fiber and grain, not CBD. To grow a more uniform and predictable crop, some growers plant clones. Whatever you decide to use, choose your hemp seed or clones carefully, and make sure you get third-party laboratory documentation about the THC concentration of the parent plants (see below). As you farm, take notes about crop performance, monitor your crop’s THC content while buds form, and test for other cannabinoids if you are growing for a CBD market.

Although some out-of-state sellers are still requiring that growers be licensed in order to receive shipment, this restriction should not apply. Legal hemp and hemp products can move across state and tribal borders and can be shipped through USPS. Some states may require phytosanitary certificates for state-to-state movement of hemp seed and live plants; Maine currently does not.

Maine law requires that hemp be planted using a certified seed source which is defined as a source of hemp seeds that are certified by a third party as producing hemp having a delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3% on a dry weight basis. Certification may include a certificate of analysis from a third-party ISO 17025 accredited laboratory that indicates the parent plant seed source tested at or below 0.3% delta-9-tetrahdrocannabinol on a dry weight basis. To comply with the certified seed source requirement when you purchase seed, seedlings or clones, you must retain documentation that could include a letter, form, or other written verification or combination of documents that at a minimum includes:

  • Third party (someone other than the applicant and the grower of the seed) THC content testing results for the hemp. The third party should be identified on the testing results;
  • THC content test results must be for the variety or varieties included on the application and preferably for the specific lot of seed to be planted;
  • Results of THC content testing and the date tests were conducted;
  • The name of the seed supplier and origin of the seed.

You must submit this documentation with your planting report, which is due within 14 days after planting.

Sampling and Testing

The licensee will allow the inspection and sampling of the hemp crop at any and all times that the Department deems necessary. The licensee will be notified prior to inspection and sampling.  During the inspection and sampling the licensee or authorized representative will allow complete and unrestricted access to all hemp plants within the licensed growing area(s).

If the hemp crop has not been inspected and sampled 15 days prior to the anticipated harvest date, the licensee will notify the Department of intent to harvest.

All hemp plants from all varieties and licensed growing areas will be randomly sampled and tested for THC content.

Crops testing above the allowable THC limit (0.3% THC on a dry weight basis) will be destroyed in a manner approved by the Department. The licensee is responsible for paying all costs associated with crop destruction.

Hemp or CBD in Consumable Products

The guidelines linked before are for use by DHHS and DACF retail inspection staff. They will be enforced beginning March 1, 2019. Please note that state and federal statutory changes and rulemaking are ongoing and may alter any of the conditions and/or add new conditions.

Other Hemp Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQs (PDF)
  • List of Licensed Hemp Seedling Growers

  • Licensed Hemp Seedling Growers in Maine (PDF) - Updated May 29, 2020
  • List of Licensed Hemp Growers

    Below is a list of licensed growers of hemp in Maine (as of August 25, 2020)

    Name Company Name License Number Phone Email
    Quimby, Glenda 1380 (207) 578-2297
    Shea, James JSBE LLC 1381 (617) 756-3115 moodoggii6@gmail.com
    Sletteriuk, Brad 99 Farm LLC 1382 (207) 343-1863 jetsafire1@gmail.com
    Wallace III, Charles 1389 (207) 318-4471 charlie_wallace_3@hotmail.com
    Righini, Steven 1390 (207) 974-7631 stigrig12345678@yahoo.com
    Willigar Jr, Clayton 1398 (207) 694-2050 claytonwilligar@gmail.com
    Davies III, Frederick 1402 (678) 788-4995 blackpointrider@gmail.com
    Messer, R. Brett Brigid LLC 1404 (207) 423-3350 brett@BrigidFarm.com
    Willigar, Jesse Ryan 1415 (207) 538-1928 jethro1776@icloud.com
    Ronco, Roderick 1416 (207) 223-4907 reronco@hotmail.com
    Link, Ashley Flying Fish Farm 1441 (207) 239-7840 ashleylink1@gmail.com
    Hatt, Kevin Green Growth Technologies LLC 1449 (917) 291-5778 kevin@greengrowthtech.com
    Hatt, Kevin Green Growth Technologies LLC 1450 (917) 291-5778 kevin@greengrowthtech.com
    Adkins, Thomas Appalachian Herb and Spice 1409 (207) 997-3529 ja1959@hotmail.com
    Bailey, Angela Humble Berry Farm 1344 (207) 381-0507 humbleberryorganics@gmail.com
    Ballard Dunham, Stephanie Ballard Farm 1375 (207) 592-0368 sballard04971@gmail.com
    Bateman, Christian 1360 (207) 691-4631 millslaurie@hotmail.com
    Beardsworth, Jeffrey Homewood Farm Inc. 1405 (207) 374-9903 sadie.beardsworth@gmail.com
    Benson, Kelly Mindful Earth Herbals 1393 (617) 699-3963 mindfulearthwellness@gmail.com
    Black, John 1433 (207) 645-5381 john@rockyhillinc.com
    Black, John 1379 (207) 645-5381 john@rockyhillinc.com
    Bouchard, Ben 1452 (207) 649-1160 bbouchard07@alumni.unity.edu
    Boverman, Kathryn Wild Mountain Cooperative LLC 1432 (207) 754-7476 kate.boverman@gmail.com
    Breton, Derek Cannabis Kingdom 1419 (207) 242-7962 cannabiskingdom@yahoo.com
    Caiazzo, Anthony 1444 (207) 284-8465 tonycaiazzo@gmail.com
    Carey, Michael 1438 (207) 625-9404 fullcirclecomposting@gmail.com
    Carlson, Bryan BCELLE rentals 1351 (207) 748-9586 packahs@gmail.com
    Caron, Sandra Brook Haven Acres LLC 1343 (207) 809-0151 BrookHavenAcres@gmail.com
    Carpenter, Andrew Northern Tilth 1458 (207) 338-5500 andrew@northerntilth.com
    Chick, Freeman 1340 (207) 778-0069 dillionchick@ymail.com
    Clark, Brian Top Flower Farms 1407 (603) 553-0299 brian@topflowerfarms.com
    Corbin, Jeff Atlantic Yacht Charters 1345 (207) 409-9876 jeffcorbin@engineer.com
    Crowley, John 1469 (207) 420-5988 johncrowley207@gmail.com
    Danforth, Norman 1446 (207) 991-0131 normthewrech@gmail.com
    Degou, Michael Moose Valley Hemp 1443 (207) 712-8423 michael.degou@gmail.com
    Deng, Lily Hemp & Such 1437 (207) 794-4294 lilydeng0214@yahoo.com
    Edwards, Benjamin Schoppee Farm 1439 (207) 271-0122 ben@schoppee.com
    Engelbert, James In Process 1418 (207) 402-2343 bambamengelbert@gmail.com
    Tufts, Michael N/A 1474 (207) 333-1445 mtufts012@gmail.com
    Fortin, Bryon 1467 (207) 449-0041 bestfriendfarms@gmail.com
    Recco, Michael Outfield Farms, LLC 1377 (978) 500-1288 mrecco1@gmail.com
    Gadomski, Christopher 1361 (603) 833-1684 marleefwalker@gmail.com
    Gill, Charles Merrymeeting Bay Hemp Company LLC 1374 (207) 841-3793 kffn@comcast.net
    Grace, Robert Qihemp Farm LLC 1417 (978) 948-3325 ocirow@netzero.net
    Grimes, William East Branch Farm 1369 (207) 688-2015 info@eastbranchfarm.com
    Haley, Travis Caldwell Farms 1408 (207) 212-3909 mainefarmer@hotmail.com
    Hamann, Don Heal Yourself Naturally LLC 1422 (207) 507-1100 healyourselfnaturallymexicome@gmail.com
    Harmon, Stewart 1395 (207) 730-1710 v_tecss@yahoo.com
    Haywood, Erica LoveGrown Agricultural Research LLC 1431 (207) 778-1181 info@lovegrownhemp.com
    Hemond, Michael Hemond Farms 1400 (207) 754-7675 michaelghemond@gmail.com
    Hewitt, Sarah Victory Hemp LLC 1397 (603) 986-3506 victoryhempco@gmail.com
    Higgins, Kayla Full Sun Farm 1401 (207) 649-8181 chrishigginsjacking@yahoo.com
    Hueholt, Nyeela Rooted Heart Remedies 1414 (207) 319-5430 rootedheartremedies@protonmail.com
    Ives, William 1436 (207) 691-1167 wchaseives@yahoo.com
    Kallander, Barry Gray Farm Maple LLC 1440 (978) 790-1902 barry@kallandergroup.com
    Knight, Brigitte North Road Hemp 1453 (207) 653-2677 demers.brigitte@gmail.com
    Larson, Ian High Mountain Hemp Co LLC 1383 (401) 451-2360 ilarson365@gmail.com
    Lavertu, Allen 1456 (207) 316-3575 lavertu12@gmail.com
    Liebster, Alexander Prospect Farms Industrial Hemp Group, LLC 1472 (401) 924-1704 alexander@prospectfarms.com
    Luce, Norman 1373 (207) 696-3006 perryluce@gmail.com
    Lynds, Andrew 1376 (207) 538-6496 shopcrew3@gmail.com
    Maguire, Colleen Silver Highlands Farm LLC 1421 (207) 951-4893 silverhighlandsfarm@gmail.com
    Marcus, Ben Sheepscot General 1424 (207) 624-2710 ben@sheepscotgeneral.com
    McIntyre, Andrew Hope Springs Memorial Farm LLC 1427 (978) 502-4061 amacnet@yahoo.com
    McIntyre, Andrew Hope Springs Memorial Farm LLC 1428 (978) 502-4061 amacnet@yahoo.com
    Mefferd, Andrew Panorama Seeds LLC 1447 (207) 649-2828 andrew@growingformarket.com
    Merritt, Chris CBD USA 1353 (207) 745-5370 work_cmm@live.com
    Meyer, Jay Back Fields Farm LLC 1399 (207) 438-9197 jmeyer9197@mac.com
    Miller, David Miller Farm Organics LLC 1468 (252) 622-2224 daveandmrbo03@yahoo.com
    Gurney, Dan Skinners Greens LLC 1406 (207) 344-9764 dgrne2025@yahoo.com
    Niles Jr, Gary 1352 (207) 717-2111 movieguy3@hotmail.com
    Rucevice, Thomas 1347 (207) 540-6777 terri.rucevice@aol.com
    Rybeck, Denise Maine Hemp LLC 1365 (207) 946-2258 deniserybeck@gmail.com
    Scott, Karl 1391 (207) 270-1169 sheilamscott@yahoo.com
    Stanley, Michelle Upland Grassroots 1442 (207) 242-8463 chlstan@yahoo.com
    Stephenson, David Hazy Hill Hemp Farm 1403 (207) 239-9976 dave@hazyhillfarm.com
    Stevens-Palmer, Quinton 1435 (703) 965-7912 quinton@gnhcllc.com
    Stewart, Michael 1342 (207) 343-2605 fordman1972@live.com
    Streeter, Sam Soil Sage 1349 (720) 984-6269 sam@soilsage.com
    Tarbox, Amy LA&Z Farm 1425 (847) 321-8280 ptarbox@aldridge-electric.com
    Tardif, Ryan Acadia Farms LLC 1350 (207) 576-3098 ryan@etheragroup.com
    Tracy, Keena Little Ridge Farm LLC 1354 (207) 353-7126 farmer@littleridgefarm.com
    Vermette, Michael 1426 (207) 938-2710 thehighlands55@gmail.com
    Wallace, Chelsea Headland Homestead LLC 1341 (207) 522-7414 cswallace@headlandhomestead.com
    Petersen, Hayden Heart of Gold 1355 (207) 939-5935 heartofgoldholistics@gmail.com
    Petersen, Hayden Heart of Gold 1356 (207) 939-5935 heartofgoldholistics@gmail.com
    Washburn, Rebecca 1348 (303) 819-7156 rlwashb13@gmail.com
    Meggs, Benjamin 1410 (954) 336-2018 benjamin@bluewaterbrokers.com
    Weaver, Mark 1359 (541) 890-4388 mmatrix3054@gmail.com
    Hatch, Richard 1362 (207) 380-6257 richyrich009@gmail.com
    Johnson, Wyatt J & J Maine Family Growers LLC 1363 (207) 491-2520 jandjmainefamilygrowers@gmail.com
    Klein, William Maine Krops 1371 (207) 716-6198 mainekrops@yahoo.com
    Whitney, Paul Whitney Inc. 1357 (781) 572-8603 paul@paulRwhitney.com
    Rancourt, Dave Pure Country 1358 (207) 313-2809 onepurecountry@yahoo.com
    St Peter, Benjamin 1372 (207) 859-0860 benjaminstpeter@yahoo.com
    Silver, David Wilhelm Riech Infant Trust 1378 (207) 864-3443 dsilver@wilhelmreichtrust.org
    Grateraux Jr, Jose Plenroot Farms 1392 (978) 210-1082 realjoseg6@gmail.com
    Fischer, Corwin 1394 (781) 439-1843 fischer.cory@gmail.com
    Vermette, Peter 1429 (207) 730-9376 v_tecss@yahoo.com
    Morey, Timothy Dayspring Farm LLC 1420 (207) 231-1607 dayspringfarm.tim@gmail.com
    Rich, Gerald 1366 (207) 404-6962 GTRJ207@gmail.com
    Hill, Nathan Purabotanicals 1370 (207) 890-7686 nathanhill61@yahoo.com
    Kelley, Michael Maine Organic Hemptress 1384 (207) 214-1373 BoxerBedlam@gmail.com
    Lombard, Kevin 1386 (207) 431-4745 LibbertyKennels@yahoo.com
    Daddio, Stephen Dueling Gardens Farm 1387 (207) 376-6572 duelinggardensfarm@gmail.com
    Daddio, Stephen Dueling Gardens Farm 1388 (207) 376-6572 duelinggardensfarm@gmail.com
    Vaillancourt, Tiffany Pure Botanicals LLC 1423 (207) 240-9008 info@purebotanicalscbd.com
    Kennedy, Damien 1445 (207) 400-5658 damienkennedy0427@gmail.com
    Allen, Aleksander 1455 (267) 605-3023 alekallen@gmail.com
    Stein, Riva Maine Hemp Company, LLC 1462 (207) 208-0682 rsteinllc@gmail.com
    Kaltsas, Jarmin Ekozem, Inc. 1457 (207) 975-3113 pbchyk@ekozem.us
    Sutherland, Zachary Hemp of Maine Enterprises 1461 (207) 313-9294 ztsutherland@gmail.com
    Mandell, Andrew 1466 (706) 254-6541 maydayhope68@gmail.com
    Nieusma, Eric 1st Maine Farm, Hemp, Craft 1471 (410) 829-2592 enieusma@yahoo.com
    Updated: October 13, 2020